• To be a Jew is a gift. To be a Jew is to keep trying to understand what that means.

    Robby Rothrock 2008
  • MLF has definitely changed my outlook and perspective on Judaism. I am more proud than ever, more knowledgeable and more willing to share that knowledge with others.

    Josh Rosenbaum
    Josh Rosenbaum 2008
  • The Maimonides program was the most significant thing I did in college. I learned what it meant to be a Jew, how to live my life in a moral and empathetic way, and how to grow as a human being. After several years in the program and completion of the Israel trip I can say that I am a completely different person than I was when I entered Penn.

    Monique Sager
  • Maimonides has helped establish my Jewish roots and Jewish identity. Once you're at Penn, you shouldn't miss the opportunity.

    Robert Jakobi
    Robert Jakobi 2007
  • The Maimonides program truly enriched my experience at Penn. It gave me the opportunity to forge a deeper connection to Judaism, it gave me a place to grapple with important and controversial issues among my peers, and it gave me an extended family away from home. Participating in the Israel trip as well was so meaningful because it laid the foundation for the beginning of my life as a Jewish adult outside of the Penn environment.

    Elana Hoffman
    Elana Hoffman 2007
  • I can't even explain the kind of joy it brought me that I got home from our first session yesterday (and after a long day of classes) and still wanted to discuss with my housemate more about what I had just learned. I can't get enough. I can't. And that's what's the best part: it doesn't end. There is an infinite amount of learning I can do. I realized that it's not just that there's facts to be memorized or things to study (though of course, I know that comes along with it), but I just want to BE a Jew. A good Jew. I want to learn more, and practice what I can, and discuss and argue and question and enjoy everything there is about Judaism. I'm very much looking forward to the rest of this Fellowship, and plan to be very involved both in and outside the classroom. I truly can't wait until the next session

    Jackie Shlecter 2009

M2 Curriculum

Mondays Topic of the Week w/Rabbi Lynn @ 9pm Tuesdays Beyond the “Bible” w/R’ Cohen @ 7:30 Wednesdays Let’s Get Interpersonal w/R’ Spinka @ 12:30pm The Giving Vaad w/R’ Cohen @ 5:30pm Please contact Rabbi Jack Cohen at for more information and to register for a class.

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