upenn alumni

The Biltong Group is a conglomerate of Penn MLF alumi and friends in New York City. At present we number 75 and counting, and offer bi-monthly dinners and learning at some of NYC’s finest kosher eateries, seasonal Shabbatons, and liaisons to many of the city’s most impressive and inspiring Jews. Together we’ve created our own fund as a source for much future charitable work. With such an amazing group of talented and committed Jews in one concentrated place, with a shared purpose and connection unprecedented amongst Manhattan’s youth, we marvel at this group’s potential and are awed by its prospects. We’re even celebrating our first “in-house” marriage!

Alumni Events

List of upcoming events coming soon

Chai Society

Chai Society is a group for young philanthropists committed to the Jewish values of altruism, generosity, and charity. By committing to a monthly donation of any multiple of $18, you will be part of a select group of Meor @ UPenn alumni who have committed to creating a legacy, ensuring that the programming and support that they enjoyed on campus and on trips are available for the students in the classes of 2014 and beyond.