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The MEOR Maimonides Leaders Fellowship is dedicated to connecting modern leaders with ancient wisdom. Judaism’s timeless messages have allowed it to be an extraordinarily powerful force in human history.

Judaism has been an extraordinarily powerful force of good throughout human history, providing its unique path to wisdom, integrity and kindness. Explore your heritage and prepare to excel in life.

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Where Will Your Journey Begin?
Maimonides Leaders Fellowship provides students with a deep appreciation of Judaism. Regardless of Jewish affiliation, you are certain to see your heritage in a fabulous new light.

A combination of interactive learning with social and religious experiences. Upon completion, each participant receives a stipend, as well as priority consideration for our travel and profession internship opportunities.
Choose a specific aspect of Judaism which you will study and integrate meaningfully into your life. Maimonides II is a perfect follow-up to the Maimonides Fellowship.

A combination of small-group study, practical exercises as well as social and religious experiences. Different topics are offered each semester. Upon completion, each participant receives a stipend, as well as priority consideration for our study abroad scholarships.
JET is a business ethics seminar, hosted by Meor at Penn. The program will consist of an hour-long session, with C-Level Executives, Managing Directors, and Resume Reviewers from top financial and consulting firms including Blackstone, Citi Bank, Bain, and more!

The speakers will sharing stories about their experiences in the business world and taking the students through a business ethics lesson. The program will conclude with a question and answer session, followed by time to network with the executives after the program.
What is happiness? How do you achieve happiness? Is happiness the goal of a good life?

A 10-part series for men focusing on the Jewish definition of happiness, and practical ways to become a happier person.
Experiential learning in Israel. Discover profound truths through creative experiences – such as desert meditation to appreciate why Torah was given in the Wilderness.

A two-week program offered each winter and summer recess. Based in Jerusalem with separate tracks for men and women. Highly subsidized price of $450, including airfare!
Experience 1,000 years of Jewish vibrancy as well as the horrors of the Holocaust which brought this world to an end. Emerge with a deep appreciation of our ancestors and heritage, as well as inspired dedication to your people and our faith.

This one-week trip is offered each winter recess. Breathe life into unused synagogues and study halls, praying and learning. Meet survivors and righteous gentiles from the Holocaust. Visit Holocaust sites with professional guides. Probe the capacity for good and evil of the human soul. Highly subsidized price of $850, including airfare!
Spend Spring Break discovering a unique part of Sephardic Jewish history. Explore historic synagogues, holy tombs, picteresque markets, the spice souks, stunning landscapes and Andalusian gardens.
The Cayman Islands, an exotic vacation destination in the Caribbean, is the ideal place to breakaway from campus life and explore your Jewish identity.
Enjoy touring, studying and relaxing in our Homeland. Billed “The best Israel trip since the Jews left Egypt!”

A co-ed trip offered at the start of summer vacation. Tour in comfort and stay at beautiful hotels. Highly subsidized price of $500, including airfare!
Prepare for your career with a top professional internship in the field of your choice. Prepare for life by integrating Judaism into your future. Most internships are in Israel; some are in America.

Full-time internships - complimented with Jewish classes and Shabbat programs - offered year-round. The most popular time is a 2-month program offered each summer in Israel. We place you in your dream internship. The cost is approximately $1,350 - including airfare, room & board as well as participation in MEOR Israel or MEOR Vision!
MEOR offers the opportunity to study and grow at elite Jewish institutions in America and Israel.

All of these institutions cater to students regardless of their Jewish educational background or lack thereof.
We offer a splendid array of travel opportunities to our current students and alumni, most generously subsidized.

Most take place in America and Israel – although more exotic destinations are occasionally offered.

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Spring 2019 Registration Open!