MEOR Poland

Explore Your Heritage

Experience 1,000 years of Jewish vibrancy as well as the horrors of the Holocaust which brought this world to an end. Emerge with a deep appreciation of our ancestors and heritage, as well as inspired dedication to your people and our faith.

This one-week trip is offered each winter recess. Breathe life into unused synagogues and study halls, praying and learning. Meet survivors and righteous gentiles from the Holocaust. Visit Holocaust sites with professional guides. Probe the capacity for good and evil of the human soul.

MEOR Poland

Discover Your Heritage

MEOR Poland is a powerful journey of history and heritage that explores the vibrancy of Jewish communities in pre-war Poland, the magnitude of the loss during the Holocaust, and the rebirth of Jewish life in the years that followed.

Led by MEOR campus staff, world-class tour guides and Jewish educators, students visit the concentration camps and cities, meet with survivors and community builders, and probe the depths of the human heart and soul.

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Your Days in Poland

Be Part Of The Historic Revival Of Jewish Life In Poland!

MEOR Poland is a great opportunity to experience first-hand the richness and the complexities of Jewish life in Poland. It is an invitation to walk into a portal of Jewish history, honor the memory of the lives snuffed during the Holocaust – and root for a brighter future for Jewish life in Poland.

Dzień dobry – Good morning!

Jewish life in Poland, sometimes filled with trauma and at other times filled with extraordinary achievements, is a story in the process. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Jewish life in Poland and learn the meaning of the old adage that says “Spend a day in Poland – and experience 1000 years of Jewish life!

The Fabric of Jewish Memory

Step out into the streets of Poland and walk in the steps of true heroes of the caliber of Mordechai Anielewicz, leader of the Jewish Combat Organization in WWII, and Emanuel Ringelblum, whose strategic chronicles of the systematic deportation of Jews created an indisputable testimony of the fate of the Polish Jewry.

Radość – True Joy!

Experience nightlife in Poland! Whether it is joining friends for a concert featuring the music of master violinist and Polish-born Isaac Stern, or simply relaxing and enjoying a short story by Poland’s beloved son Isaac Bashevis Singer, opportunities abound to be part the historic revival of Jewish Life in Poland!

Good Shabbos!

Since the fall of communism, Poland has become one of the most important hubs of Jewish renaissance in Europe. Experience first-hand why joyfully celebrating Shabbat in Poland is an affirmation of the survival of the Jewish people!

MEOR Poland

Explore Your Heritage